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Group 1


  • As an adult, I realize that the things I learned in high school have benefitted me immensely, and BEST Robotics is top on the list. BEST taught me how to collaborate as a team, enhanced my computer and crafting skills, and taught me that even school is fun! As head of the Public Relations department during my senior year, I learned to lead my team and became more comfortable speaking in public. The skills I learned from being involved in BEST Robotics are skills that I still use today, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this great program.

    Lindsay Guest Sanders, 2011 Graduate & current graduate student

  • BEST was the catalyst for me to pursue a degree in engineering. From my freshman year starting with 2021: A Robot Odyssey, I transitioned from “I might want to be an engineer” to “I am going to be an engineer.” Each year as I was exposed to different fields of engineering, I was able to narrow my interests and finally settle on Industrial and Systems Engineering thanks to the game “Total Recall.” I kept thinking throughout the six weeks, “Man, I wish I could find a major focused around this,” and sure enough there was. Reminiscing about “the glory days” still excites me, I could talk for hours on end about BEST. I love being able to mentor my old team, and seeing the same formula of hard work, blood, sweat, and duct tape working season after season!